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Your content station

The basic principle of MK-Distribution is to provide the customer with the content they need.
We do not restrict our clients with the catalog, our purpose is to satisfy your needs.
We work in the media sphere for TV and Internet Broadcasting. We specialize in: TV rights provision, VOD and OTT services, presentation of Ukrainian TV-product in Europe and worldwide, official content acquisitions for Ukrainian and Russian TV channels, international footage producers and distributor cooperation. We can also boast of significant footage development research. 
MK-Distribution is a close and friendly company communication with the right owners and distributors, which allows us to offer the content in any format to our clients quickly and profitably.

Our Benefits

Quick contracts resolution, profound understanding of legal and accountanting features of each client’s contracts, well-timed delivery of materials and documents, any post-sales problem solving , customer’s support till the expiry of the rightholder’s license period.

We deal with the most complicated content requests. We find what is exactly needed at a reasonable price for you.

Our company works with specific technical requirements for our customers: any format video materials conversion, quick and easy transfer of materials via the Internet.

All kinds of TV rigths

VOD, OTT, IPTV rights

Intetnet rights

Mobile rigths

Activity areas of MK-Distribution:

- International sales of rights for TV-content;
- Licensed purchase of TV rights on a channel’s request;
- Content distribution via NewMedia platforms: pay-per-view, VOD, IPTV, OTT, Mobile etc.
- Slavic content distribution for popularization in all over the world;
- TV format sales; 
- Production studio’s interests representation;
- Procurement and distribution of footage via our project footagestore.net

Catalog of TV content

Thousands of hours of high-quality TV content

  • Infotoy - 100x3 min., 2015, HD, In Production

  • Little Foodies - 100x3 min., 2015, 4K, In Production

  • Carving Day - 100x3 min., 2015, HD, In Production

  • FoodLab International - 200x3 min., 2014, HD

  • Fun Food - 100x2 min., 2013, HD

  • Multipedia - 14x5 min., 2014, HD | Password: contentmk

  • Simple Food - 50x5 min., 2014, HD

  • Paintings of the World - 100x3 min., 2013, HD/4K

  • World in Pictures - 50x5 min., 2014-2015, HD

  • Незабываемые путешествия - 12х20 мин., 2012, HD

  • Первое впечатление - 23х5 мин., 2012, HD

  • О рыбалке всерьез - 27х20 мин., 2014-2015, HD | пароль: contentmk

  • Рыбацкое счастье с А. Кочубеем - 14x13 мин., 2002, HD

  • Ни пуха, ни пера - 27х25 мин.

The face of a distributor is the represented content. In our catalog you will find the content of famous international producers and distributors. We provide our clients with an international base of foreign and national content: сartoons, movies, series, programs of different genres (entertainment, documentary, social, automotive, cognitive, hunting and fishing, art and culture, travel, lifestyle, beauty, health and much more). We aim to provide a product that will not only be interesting to your audience but also increase your ratings dramatically.




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